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(Use and then Delete) Continuity of Services: Student Resources

This guide covers: HUSL Library services, student and faculty resources, and coping with stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For HUSL Students

Need Help?


To schedule a consultation with a law librarian to discuss a research project or for assistance accessing library resources please email and include your availability.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule or find a mutually workable time to meet. 

All appointments will be scheduled using Zoom.

Past Exams

Access past exams on TWEN (search for Howard Law School Past Exams).  Faculty members determine whether to make past exams available.  To inquire about exams that aren't currently included, reach out to the faculty member directly.  If you're having trouble accessing exams in general, send an email to  

Free & Discounted Ed Tech

  • This alphabetical list includes online resources and educational technologies that are being offered temporarily at low or no cost.  The list is being updated regularly as new offers become available.  Participating companies currently include Adobe, Babbel, Comcast, Mango, and Microsoft -- among others.
  • This list is organized by subject (e.g., remote learning, wellness, communications).  

Student Handbook

New HUSL Students

HUSL Book Store (Barnes and Noble Store)

HUSL Book Store:

  • As of Monday, January 11, 2021 the bookstore will be open from 10:00am ET to 2:00pm ET until further notice. Books can be ordered and shipped from the bookstore as well.

  • For textbook purchase or rental inquiries, reach out to Ms. Forney (, who manages the law school bookstore. She can be reached at 202-806-8108 or by requesting information using the form on their Customer Service website.

Temporary Access (COVID-19)

In response to university and library closures around the world, some vendors have made their online resources accessible at no cost.  The resources listed below include information about how to access this content while it's available.  Please note that these resources have only been made available on a temporary basis and are subject to change without notice. 

If you have any questions about access generally, please email

Course Reserves: Casebooks Available Online (TEMPORARY)


  • Students must have a West Academic account (unrelated to Westlaw) to access online content. Create an account here:
  • Contact West Academic Support at 877-888-1330 (ext. 4) or, to ask for individual eBook access.  To expedite processing, provide the title, author, and/or ISBN number. 
  • West Academic is providing 14 day e-access to students who are waiting for their print copies to be delivered.
  • For students that rented or purchased West Academic publications through other retailers, West Academic will provide digital access to their titles with proof of rental or purchase, so keep your receipts! 



  • Wolters Kluwer is providing 14 days of e-access to content assigned during the first 14 days of class to students who are waiting for their print copies to be delivered, with proof of rental or purchase, so keep you receipts!
  • To request e-access within the first 14 days of class, email, and include (1) proof of purchase, (2) the title, author, and edition of the Wolters Kluwer book assigned, and (3) a list of all pages assigned for the first 14 days of the class.



  • Lexis is offering some title-by-title e-access individually.  Students can call 1-800-833-9844 to check eligibility.



  • Books are available through Amazon with expedited delivery options or through Kindle, which affords students instant access.
  • In addition, students can download the first two chapters of "Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age: 2020" here.



  • If you purchased a print text from this publisher and are still waiting for it to arrive, email with proof of purchase to request e-access.



  • If you purchased a print text from this publisher and are still waiting for it to arrive, respond to your professor's request for this information, or reach out to (include your professor's name and the title of the Carolina Academic book).  HUSL Library is collecting information and working with the publisher to gain temporary e-access codes to distribute.  

Online Study Guides (TEMPORARY)


The West Academic suite of study guides and other online materials is temporarily available to all current HUSL students.  Students will be automatically approved after they verify their HUSL email address.  ​West Academic is different from Westlaw, and requires separate credentials.  Some students conflate West Academic with Westlaw because their names are similar, but the platforms are unrelated and each one provides unique content.  

To set up your West Academic account:

  • Click "Create an Account" in the upper right-hand corner of the page and follow the prompts. 
  • Sign-in and verify your law school email address. 
  • Once your account is set-up and verified, you can log-in. 

To learn more about how to use the assessment feature for students, West Academic has made information available here

These materials are available to all HUSL students through June 1, 2020.  Additional extensions may be available to select students. 

  • Students who purchased their casebooks directly from the West Academic web store will have electronic access extended through the end of the fall semester.  Extended access will be automatic.
  • Students who purchased their West Academic casebooks through other retailers will have their access extended through the end of the fall as well so long as they are able to provide proof of purchase or rental.

Students who purchase directly through the West Academic web store will receive a 15% discount on all print and electronic casebooks with a HUSL discount code.  Please reach out to for the code.


Hotshot is free to law students for the next few months to help students transition into a remote learning environment.  This resource offers simple explanations to complex legal concepts.  The platform includes interactive quizzes, exercises, and outlines.  Students can sign up for a free trial using their HUSL email address and will be upgraded to full access. 


All materials on the NCLC Digital Library are temporarily accessible using a dedicated username/password for the HUSL community.  Coverage includes Consumer Arbitration Agreements, Bankruptcy Law and Practice, Class Actions, Fair Debt Collection, Mortgage Lending, and Student Loan Law.  Reach out to for the login.  To expedite processing and verification, use your HUSL email address when requesting the login.  Tips and tricks to navigate the Digital Library can be found online.   

Online Learning: Strategies for Students

Before the Bar, ABA Law Student Division blog, has collected COVID-19 resources and information for law students including online learning tips, financial assistance available to students, and mental health resources.  Selected entries are included below.

Getting Started

Online Learning Tips

A Student Remote Learning Toolkit outlines tips for students who "suddenly need to learn online."  Modules include:

  • You, Learning Online
  • Do Yourself Favors
  • Find Your Support
  • Maximize Your Learning
  • Tame Your Tech
  • Build Your Network

Another guide written by a student offers practical tips in a streamlined, conversational approach.

ABA for Law Students

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