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HUSL Publications Guide: Howard Law Journal

The purpose of this guide is to provide information about publications produced by Howard University School of Law (HUSL).  Access information is provided, along with context for name changes over time.

About the Howard Law Journal

Founded in 1955, the Howard Law Journal is a student-managed, faculty-supervised academic program of the Howard University School of Law. The Journal is the principal scholarly publication of Howard University School of Law. The Journal is published in one annual volume consisting of no less than three issues that contain articles, essays, and book reviews authored by legal scholars, as well as notes and comments authored by Howard Law Journal members. Consistent with the mission of the law school, the Journal is dedicated to promoting the civil and human rights of all people, in particular those groups who have been the target of subordination and discrimination.

SOURCE: their two-year membership, Journal members are afforded a unique scholarly and analytical experience by performing substantive and technical editorial work. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions and, together with a professional business manager, carry out the day-to-day operations. Journal membership also allows students the opportunity to produce thoughtful, intelligent legal analysis and the ability to communicate that analysis through excellent legal writing.


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