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Legal Databases and Links

There are a plethora of resources available for researching legal issues outside of traditional legal materials and databases. Have you ever wondered where to begin with respect to finding non legal articles, books, magazines, trade publications, dissert

In a Nutshell

LexisNexis begins with an easy search display on the front page of the database.  Depending on your research needs and goals, this may be the only tool you need in this resource.  According to Lexis Nexis, the easy form was designed to handle 80% of your search needs in Lexis Nexis.  Of course, there are other search options available if you research requires a more defined or advanced approach. Howard Law faculty, staff, and students have access to a variety of resources through Lexis+ and Nexis Uni. 


Basic Search Tutorial



  • Search the News
  • Look up a Legal Case
  • Get Company Info
  • Research Companies
  • Research People
  • Combined Search (this widget searches different types of content at once)

How do I access Lexis+?

LexisNexis+ is available to current Howard University School of Law faculty, staff, and students. Individuals seeking access to LexisNexis should contact Richard Akers

In addition, students are encouraged to visit the Lexis Student Representatives in the Moot Courtroom foyer Monday - Thursday from 12:00PM - 2:00PM. 

How do I access Nexis Uni?

Nexis Uni is available to current Howard University School faculty, staff, and students. Individuals can access Nexis Uni via Howard University Research databases