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Legal Databases and Links

There are a plethora of resources available for researching legal issues outside of traditional legal materials and databases. Have you ever wondered where to begin with respect to finding non legal articles, books, magazines, trade publications, dissert


Proquest is an excellent resource for finding articles, e-books, and other electronic publications covering multifaceted academic subjects.  The first thing you will see upon accessing this database, is a basic search bar along with the option to switch to an advanced search.  You will also see limiters for full text only and peer reviewed only.  There is a subject area section below the search bar as well.

Basic Tutorial

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  • Search for Ebooks
  • Search for Full Text Articles
  • Search Dissertations and Theses
  • Browse Subject Specific Topical Areas
  • Search for and with Publications
  • Create a "My Research Account" to save your findings
  • Set Preferences, Alerts and RSS Feeds