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Library Orientation: Library Spaces and Study Areas

Library Spaces and Study Areas



Law Library security can be found in the atrium of the Law Library off of the main entrance.  Officers are available whenever the Law Library is physically open.  Campus police are available 24/7 in Houston Hall.  

For the safety of the HUSL community, all staff, faculty, and students will be required to show ID upon entering the Law Library. 



The library offers eight individual and seven group study rooms.  Rooms can be reserved online up to two days in advance. Keys are checked out at the circulation desk.  Study rooms will be available starting Monday, August 16.



Eating is not permitted in the Law Library.  During this time, drinking (even in containers with resealable lids or bottles with caps) is prohibited in the Law Library until further notice as they would require removing face masks, which is expressly prohibited in the campus safety guidelines provided by Howard University. 



The Law Library building houses the staff and collections for the Law Library, Divinity Library, and West campus IT Department.

Award-Winning Library Space

HUSL Students Following in the Footsteps of Houstonian Giants



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