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Lawyer Wellness: Financial Stress and Wellbeing

Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are common in both the legal profession and in law school. The goal of this guide is to provide resources to cope with or reduce stress and tensions weighing on law students.

Financial Stress and Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing refers to an individual's overall financial health. This includes savings, debt, and budgeting. This section includes resources to help students understand their student loans, to introduce students to best practices when paying off debt, and resources that can help with budgeting.

Table of Contents: Financial Stress and Wellbeing



HU Resources



  • Money Tips for Young Lawyers by Kimberly Palmer - This article shares tips for managing personal finances and student loan debt for young lawyers.
  • Budgeting to Pay off Debt by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner - This article offers some helpful tips for budgeting and paying down debt.

If you're interested in learning more, our Continuity of Library Services guide contain sections on (1) coping with stress, (2) prioritizing self-care, and (3) adjusting to change.

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