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Lawyer Wellness: Movement and Physical Activity

Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are common in both the legal profession and in law school. The goal of this guide is to provide resources to cope with or reduce stress and tensions weighing on law students.

Movement and Physical Activity

Exercise is a crucial component in both physical and mental wellness. Lawyers are more likely to be alcoholics and deal with numerous mental health issues at higher rates than the general populace. Exercise is one way to de-stress, to raise levels of self-esteem and cognitive function, and to lower anxiety and depressive symptoms. A growing body of evidence states that yoga helps calm the nervous system, releases tension, and increases body awareness, and that all exercise may lower feelings of isolation. This section shares resources for exercise and yoga routines designed to address holistic wellbeing.

Table of Contents: Movement and Physical Activity





  • Fitness Blender: Fitness Blender offers free and subscription-based videos for working out at home.
  • The Best Fitness Apps for 2020 by Jill Duffy - A list of free and fee-based apps for workouts, nutrition-tracking, activity-tracking, workout music, and motivation.


  • Yoga Green Book: "Yoga Green Book is an online space offering yoga and meditation classes that educate and empower you to be your best self. We believe that location-independent holistic tools and an affirming community are needed for healing and optimal health...[it] was created in 2016 after seeing the need in the black community to have affirming, location-independent, holistic resources for healing and health." This is a subscription-based service.
  • Mecca Yoga Instagram page: A Howard University yoga group.

If you're interested in learning more, our Continuity of Library Services guide contain sections on (1) coping with stress, (2) prioritizing self-care, and (3) adjusting to change.

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