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Lawyer Wellness: Connection and Spirituality

Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are common in both the legal profession and in law school. The goal of this guide is to provide resources to cope with or reduce stress and tensions weighing on law students.

Connection and Spirituality

Social isolation can significantly impact mental health. The demands of law school, not to mention enforced social distancing measures due to Covid-19, can increase the perceived distance between a student and their peers. Finding social connection can be difficult for many reasons, for example, addiction is an inherently isolating disease, workloads in law school can cut into social time, and shyness or feeling judged can lead to diminished social engagement. Finding connection with friends, faculty, advisors, family, or a spiritual network is important and doable. This section includes resources describing the damage caused by social isolation, others' experiences with feeling lonely, and tips for engaging with people.

Table of Contents: Connection and Spirituality




  • Asking for Help in Law School: Law School Success blog: Asking for help in law school can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. This article includes tips for how students can reach out when they are struggling.
  • The Risks of Social Isolation by Amy Novotny - This article discusses the health risks of social isolation and potential interventions to curb loneliness.
  • Dealing with Social Isolation by Brian Cuban: This blog post shares this lawyer's experience with social isolation and addiction. Includes tips for dealing with social isolation. 
  • Deciding When To Go Out - CDC guidelines for helping decide when and how one might engage in safer in-person activities.


  • Finding Peace in Law School By Dominique Simon, 19 Rich. J.L. & Pub. Int. 433 (2015): This article shares one law student's experience with spirituality in law school.
  • Ministry Matters™: offers practical and immediate inspiration for preachers, teachers, and worship leaders. With thousands of original articles and blogs, unique book reviews, and weekly worship and preaching helps in our This Sunday area, provides both community and inspiration.

If you're interested in learning more, our Continuity of Library Services guide contain sections on (1) coping with stress, (2) prioritizing self-care, and (3) adjusting to change.

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